The Basic Casual Belt
The Basic Casual Belt
The Basic Casual Belt

The Basic Casual Belt

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Selected for our Basics Collection, the Basic Casual Belt is a first buy and must have in any vegan man's wardrobe.  The belt measures 1.6" wide or 4 centimeters. "The belt and shoes are the first items to follow food in a happy vegan's morning."

  • Simple solid metal buckle (nickel free)
  • Made in high quality soft Italian microfiber with hand stitched details.
  • Ethically made in Portugal and PETA approved Vegan

To order the right size:
Measure around the waist band on your pants where the belt will be positioned (not on top of any clothing). Try to order the size where you fall in the middle of the small and large measurement so for example if you measure 32 1/2 inches order a medium. Size up if you are unsure about two sizes.

SMALL    28 ½ inches to 32 ½ inches
MEDIUM  31 ½ inches to 35 ½ inches
LARGE    35 inches to 39 inches

XL            38 ½ inches to 43 inches