Our Vision

vurbanite markets and sells a curated minimalist selection of apparel and apparel accessories such as shoes, belts, bags, wallets, hats, gloves, outerwear, luggage and other apparel and personal accessories historically and primarily only made from leather or animal fibers but now offered conveniently, and with exquisite style and value, produced from non animal materials and methods that are more eco friendly.  Vurbanite, through vurbanite.com, brings these products to a global retail marketplace by seeking out specific and worthy wholesale vendors and offering these edited goods to the consumer. vurbanite’s main aspiration and primary business activity is leading design, manufacturing, and distribution of better vegan, upcycled and eco friendly versions.  Known as a desirable brand for vegans and all others, vurbanite branded goods are widely and successfully distributed on a wholesale level to exceptional retail partners with additional direct retail distribution by the company e-commerce platform. Strategic vurbanite branded brick and mortar stores, both franchised and company owned, provide an informative, positive and social consumer experience driving increased desire and awareness for the brand, vurbanite, round out distribution, brand success and continued growth.  This commerce activity directly and positively impacts the welfare of animals worldwide and fulfills a growing consumer need in the marketplace.