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Us began with me and the dogs planning my 60th birthday plans sometime around August 2016 and what I would do as a goal or accomplishment for being ageless and turning 60 in late February, 2017.  Having become a vegan just over a year earlier I realized that after one settles into a vegan diet the second step is to eliminate animal products from the wardrobe. This was going fine until I realized I needed non-leather shoes, belts, wallets, bags and other personal accessories which are hard to find in vegan friendly forms, especially with style. Well this need filled my mind with a burning desire to change this for myself and others.  I saw the marketplace was missing well designed products, with easy access, offered in alternate materials. With a lengthy entrepreneurial background I quickly find my new calling. I set the date of 02/28/17 as my goal to be providing and selling these needed goods with a new career that would flourish in many ways for myself and many others to follow.  And I believe this helps the cause to stop the merciless killing of beautiful animals.

My name is Daniel Bowman and I can be contacted via email at dan@vurbanite.com.  I am based from beautiful and historic Quincy, FL, USA.  Telephone 850-662-9038.

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