7 day countdown...

To all my friends and family who have given me encouragement I say thank you as I move into the last week before starting the launch of my ecommerce business, vurbanite, which surely will flourish and prosper all who come into contact with vurbanite.  And here is to every future purchase that is not made from animal skins or animal products that will reduce the demand for those type of goods that harm animals. It is so wonderful to have a purpose beyond just making money but to serve, give and be an agent of change for the better.

Some of you know I have set the date of the launch for 2/28/17 which is my 60th birthday.  This is very meaningful to me and it is not important that this takes off slow or fast.  It is important to me to do it and to mark the occasion 10 years after I opened the Gus* Modern store in Manhattan.   To every living creature we say "I love you."

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